December 18th, 2010

Vocabulary Building-Clothing

Some of the basic teaching techniques you will want to use to help your child learn vocabulary skills include;

  • Get the child’s attention
  • Aim the teaching at or just above the chid’s level
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat
  • Keep it fun
  • Use lots of positive feedback

If you use Ready for R for teaching vocabulary, you will find it meets most of the above criteria.  As an example, you may want to focus on teaching the names of clothing.  The pictures and stories in Ready for R are fun, so that will go a long way to keep the child focussed and ready to learn. I find that children want to read the stories over many times. When teaching about clothing, don’t forget to talk about what the child himself is wearing.  Talk about what you wear in different weather.  Using Ready for R you can talk about what bakers wear as well as race car drivers, pirates etc.   Include discussion of  things that go on clothing such as; zippers, laces, buttons, hood, snaps.  Talk about other things that are worn; helmet, earrings, glasses etc.  Shoes make a good topic because there are so many different kinds.  Here are a few to think about; flip-flops, runners, sneakers, high-heels, flats, sandals. Activity: Older children enjoy the memory game; I’m Going on a Trip.  The first student says, “I’m going on a trip and in my bag I packed ___”. The second student has to repeat what the first one said and add another item of clothing.  Whoever forgets something in the list is out.  The game continues until everyone is out. Variation: To make it more challenging say “I’m going to the beach__” or “I’m going on a mountain___”. Worksheets: To extend your teaching, you may want to use these cut-outs designed by the Ready for R illustator.  Silvana Bevilacqua has kindly allowed me to share them with you and your child or students. You’ll recognize the adorable Ronald and Ronalda from the Rhinoceros family in Ready for R. If you’re interested in other cut-outs, check out this website:

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