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June 29th, 2013

Play’s The Thing

Now that summer’s here it’s time to have fun.  Learning and play go together when you’re a child. Some parents think kids need to sit at a table and do flashcards to learn new words or sounds, but that isn’t the case. Repetition is important, but it doesn’t have to be boring.  If you enjoy the game, your child will too. One mother had an ah-ha moment when she realized her 3 year old had the words  to many songs memorized because she played them (and probably sang them) in the car everyday.  They had fun.

My advice is to keep it simple.  Kids will want to play if you think it’s fun. Don’t be too serious about rules.

Activities:  Use index cards (you can find them at the dollar store).  Draw your own pictures, have your child draw the picture or cut them out from newspapers and magazines.   These are some ways to make it fun:

  • Pretend the cards are fish. Put a paper clip on the card.  Tie a magnet on the end of a string for a fishing rod to. Say the word when you catch the fish.
  • Put the cards on the floor under pretend lily pads made out of paper.  Jump from lily pad to lily pad.  Say the word when you jump on it.
  • Pretend you’re mailing the cards.  Use on old coffee can.  Cut a hole in the plastic lid big enough to fit the card through. Say the word as you mail it.
  • Put the cards under bowling pins.  Say the words under the pins you knock down.