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March 28th, 2013

R is for Easter-More Sentences

The original request for more sentences asked for  words that had R at the end.  Research tells us we pronounce R a little different depending on the vowel that comes before it.  Because of this, I teach R a little different than the other sounds.  Instead of lumping  words that end in R all together, I group them based on the vowel sound that comes before it.

Look at the previous paragraph and you’ll see what I mean. I’ve highlighted words with R after a vowel.  Sometimes it’s at the end of a word, e.g. “for“.  Sometimes it’s in the middle of a word, e.g. “different“.

TIP: Don’t let the spelling fool you. Lots of words are spelled different but sound the same. The words “herd” and “bird” have the same vowel sound, so  teach them together. Sometimes they’re spelled the same, but sound different, e.g. “word” and “for“.

Some children can say “er” words, but not “or” words, so  start with what’s easiest for the child. Go to previous blogs if you want more information about basic techniques.


  1. Easter is always on a Sunday.
  2. Many people decorate eggs.
  3. Sometimes the egg is hard boiled.
  4. Some places have a parade.
  5. They wear fancy hats.
  6. The bunny delivers the eggs.
  7. Some people call it a hare, not a bunny.
  8. He has long ears.
  9. Sometimes he hides the eggs outdoors.
  10. He carries the eggs in a basket.

ACTIVITY: Materials: small pieces of paper, plastic Easter eggs. Write the sentences on a piece of paper and hide the eggs. You’ll get bored before they do.

March 5th, 2013

Spring has Sprung-R Blends in Sentences

A while back there was a comment from a teacher in an accent reduction class.  She couldn’t find R blend sentences on the internet. Spring is a great time to work on R blends. Here’s some sentences to get you started:

These are things we can do on the West Coast in Spring.  Start each sentence with “We can….

  • -plant a tree.
  • trim the hedges.
  • practise baseball.
  • -look at snowdrops blooming.
  • -dig the ground.
  • -go for a brisk walk.
  • -do some spring cleaning.
  • -watch the leaves sprout.

If you live in a colder climate these sentences might apply.  Start with ” I can……

  • dream about a vacation.
  • -do some crafts.
  • -finish a crossword puzzle.
  • -have tea with a friend.
  • try wall climbing.
  • -play Trivial Pursuit.
  • -go to an indoor track.
  • scrape the snow off my boots.
  • -go on a cruise.
  • -think green.