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August 12th, 2012

Vocabulary Views-Actions

This summer if  you’re watching the Olympic games on T.V., playing at the beach or just washing the dishes you can be teaching new action words.

These words come to mind as I think of the athletes I’ve seen: riding, diving, kicking, jumping, rowing.

Or how about:  falling, crying, smiling, clapping, singing, winning, losing.

At the beach you can talk about: swimming, throwing, digging, floating, playing, spraying, eating.

If you’re lucky you won’t have to talk about: burning, itching, fighting, hitting.

After all that activity you might want to spend some quiet time with your child and a book. Ready for R can be used to build vocabulary too. From “wrestling rhinos” to “rolling radishes” each page provides an opportunity to talk about actions.

Whether you’re watching, working or relaxing, with your child, it’s a chance to teach something new.