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October 25th, 2010

It’s the Best

It’s a wonderful feeling to have completed a book and launched it into the world.  It’s great to get positive feedback from parents and peers.  It’s very nice to receive an award and win a contest for my efforts.  However, the other day during a therapy session I received the highest complement possible from a 5 year old.  During the session he’d worked hard on speech sounds and we’d played a few games and looked at another book.  One of the goals was to improved R blends and we’d looked at Ready for R once before.  As soon as I brought it out his face lit up and he said “I like this one the best of all!”   It wasn’t hard to keep the session going and his enthusiasm for each page was exactly what Silvana (Silvana Bevilacqua, illustrator) and I hoped for when we created Ready for R. It was the best feedback of all!